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Brothers In Arms Chapter 3

Title: Brothers In Arms Chapter 3 (Spectral Castle)
Genre: Fluffy, a little angsty for this part
Warnings: None for this part
Summary: Will and Jake Grimm tread the line between brotherly love and something else...Will they have a happy ending?
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters
Feedback: Always appreciated :)

Here's a link to the other chapters in case you've forgotten what's happened so far (I did cos it's been so long! XD)
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:

As usual, the stagecoach ride to the selected and distressed village was long and tiring. They had set out early, like they normally did, but Jake could never get used to sitting in a stuffy carriage, following the Sun as it slowly rose into the blue sky. He wanted to sleep but every time the coach went over a bump in the winding road, he was jerked awake again and back into the cold world. He knew he’d had a long night’s sleep at the Inn back in Marbaden yet the events of the evening before were still imprinted on his brain. Will had been flirty with him again – even though he hated to call it that – but this time, he had gone a bit too far with it. Jake usually accepted his touch however recently, something had happened in his mind and last night, it had flared up as Will’s hand crept up his thigh. He hadn’t meant to run out like that but he hadn’t been able to help it. That was the only thing he could think of to get away.

He hadn’t told Will what he’d done then, even though they had apologised earlier that morning. He’d seen how upset his brother was when he had entered the room – he hadn’t really been sleeping then (how could he when he’d hurt him so?) – and didn’t want to enhance that. He really cared about him and was very careful about what he said around him. Unlike Will. It was funny how different they could be at some points.

However, he knew what he’d done and he couldn’t stop that. After running out of the Alehouse, slamming the heavy door behind him, he’d hurried through the village, trying to dodge the other villagers’ eyes (especially Angelika’s) and out onto the path that led to the forest. The forest where he and Will had defeated the Mirror Queen and caused her tower to collapse into ruins upon the leafy ground. The forest that held so many memories for him – mostly bad – but the same one that enthralled him so much.

He’d made no secret in the past of the fact that he adored the myths of magic and enchantment and was always writing and dreaming about that, creating worlds carved on imagination. Will had never seemed to take that seriously and even after the events in the forest, he still appeared to have reservations about those subjects. Jake knew he had always been the more rational one of the two, thinking of logical explanations for everything, but he had thought that after what had happened to them a year ago with the twelve girls and Mirror Queen’s spell, he’d be more accepting.

Maybe he was a little yet Jake had never been under the impression that he had fully been all for his tales. He had to act that he believed in magic for the job they did but that was as close as he got and it was just for money anyway. Jake wished that one day, Will would truly like what he did. Not to believe in the topics but instead, believe in him.

Those were the type of thoughts that had been going around his head the night before when he had reached the path to the forest and continued down it, searching right out into the heavy, dark night. Without thinking specifically about what he was doing, he had arrived at the entrance to the forbidding woods and looked up at the trees, swaying in the slight breeze. The Inn suddenly had seemed so far away but for once, he wasn’t scared. He had clutched his journal to his chest – he always had it with him – and without even glancing back at the village behind him, had stepped in, immediately reminded of the atmosphere he had got so used to when they had been searching for those twelve girls.

Yet he had blocked those memories from entering his mind as he ventured further inside, listening to the sound of the night drift all around him. It was lonesome in there and he knew there was nobody around – no company anymore – yet he wasn’t frightened. At least not as frightened as he imagined he would have been. It was probably because he wasn’t thinking of what he was doing. Maybe he should do that more often.

Under this impression, he continued in, following his own path and looking up at the dark trees and wondering what tales they could tell him. Not soon after, he was lost in his own thoughts about enchantment, inspired by the seemingly supernatural landscape around him. He immediately opened his journal, the pen already in his hand, yet just as he was about to write something, get down some of the swarming imaginings in his mind, he tripped on something and fell to the ground, luckily landing on a soft pile of leaves.

Disorientated, he instinctively reached for his glasses that had fallen off and then tried to lift himself back up on shaking arms, glad that nobody was around to see him. His cheeks slightly reddened, he gradually managed to stand up again yet as he finally got to his feet, brushing himself down, he almost fell back down because of what was now in front of him.

At the end of the large clearing he was standing in, its spires glinting in the soft moonlight, was a huge, beautiful castle, dominating everything around it and seeming to reach right up into the vaulted sky. Jake’s breath was taken away as he saw it, every fantasy about magic suddenly coming to life right before his eyes. It was unlike anything he’d ever witnessed before – even more amazing than the Mirror Queen’s tower, almost as if it had grown out of the forest floor itself. It seemed to be part of nature and surrounded by nature at the same time. Jake couldn’t deny how fast his heart had started to beat.

He wanted to go in so much and discover what was inside but he couldn’t seem to find a door amongst all that incredible architecture. There were windows and turrets and balconies but strangely, no form of entrance. Just like the tower...

Suddenly, a cold breeze whispered through the swaying trees and he shivered, wrapping his arms around himself. In front of him, the castle seemed to tremble too, its spires beginning to waver in the soft moonlight. He frowned, confused and a little disturbed, yet then, before he could deny anything, the image vanished just as abruptly as it had appeared to him.

Jake gasped aloud, more than surprised. One minute there had been a grand castle standing in front of him, looking beautifully real, and then the next minute it was gone, seemingly disappeared into nothingness. A sudden coldness gripped his heart and finally, for the first time since he had entered the forest, he was frightened. And he wanted to get out. Fast.

Never taking his eyes off the place where the castle was seconds ago, he started to back up, clutching his journal tighter than ever. The twigs and branches crunched under his feet and to his ears, they sounded much louder than they actually were, deafening in the stillness of the night. His heart began to pound faster and before he knew it, he was running as fast as he could through the woods, tripping and falling but always picking himself up and running. Running, running and running.

And even now, as he sat in the stagecoach bound for some sleepy little village, he was frightened as he was reminded of the night before. He had been alone and almost lost in some enchanted, dark forest in the middle of the night and had seen something that even he had trouble believing in. His heart gave a little skip as the image of the spectral castle crept into his mind again yet there was something at least that made him feel better.

And he was sitting asleep in the carriage with him.



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