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True Love's Kiss Chapter 5

Title: True Love's Kiss Chapter 5 (Justification)
Rating: G or PG for this chapter
Warnings: Will being a bit of a jerk (I promise he gets nicer though :) )
Summary: What would have happened if Jake kissed Will in the forest? And what would have happened after?
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters
Feedback: Always appreciated :)


Will was back to what he did best that night. After Jake had run off into the village that morning, he had spent a good few hours wondering what on earth his brother had been thinking. He was the weaker one of the two and couldn’t defend for himself out there all alone, no matter what he may have tried to lead himself to believe. He was the writer, the dreamer, whereas Will was the talker – the one who sorted everything out and got them out of trouble and sticky situations. Jake couldn’t do that. He should have known that.

But he did know that.

The first thought that had entered Will’s mind when Jake had disappeared into the village was that he was an idiot. That was usually the first thought in his head when his brother did something out of the ordinary and normally, he convinced himself he was right. The satisfaction he felt when Jake came trudging back to him later in the day was immense but generally not because he was safe. Obviously Will felt at least some appreciation to the fact that he hadn’t been hurt but overall, it was because he was correct again. Jake couldn’t survive without his brother and that just proved it.

Yet that day, Jake didn’t return back to him. As the afternoon drew on, Will wondered whether he was in trouble yet Jake knew better than to go looking for situations he couldn’t get out of alone. At least, he should have done. He had some common sense – Will gave him that much.

But there was still no sign of him. He was probably in a sulk about the events of the morning. Will had thought he had done the right thing apologising to him the night before – even if he hadn’t truly meant it with all his heart – yet apparently, Jake hadn’t thought so. He imagined he would have, what with how harsh he had treated him but Jake was stubborn. When matters like love and trust came into the picture, he became obstinate and this was one of the things that annoyed Will most about him. He took things way too seriously some of the time. He needed to learn to let go more.

A small part of Will regretted what he had done to him the previous evening though. He had really hurt Jake – he knew that – and when he had entered the bedroom to ‘apologise’ to him, he had heard him crying. Again. Sometimes, he swore the only thing Jake did when he was in trouble or unable to handle things was to cry. And Jake really wasn’t good at handling things so he wept a lot. That annoyed Will too. He was a grown man now and not some child who was living in a rotting old house, like they used to. He had to learn to fend for himself.

But no, that’s not what he did. After all these years of trying to protect him, Will thought he deserved at least a thank you. Jake wouldn’t have got this far without him and he needed to know that. Or show it some more.

However, this security that Will had given Jake throughout their life, made him think he had the right to control him more than he should have. Of course, he usually justified his actions by saying that they were a form of protection and he lived by that but this time, it had been slightly different. He hadn’t hurt him just because of protection now yet something more.

Will didn’t like to think about it too much but in the forest a couple of days back, Jake had kissed him. Actually kissed him. And they were brothers. Will had thought that he was kissing Angelika and that’s why he had let it continue yet to find out it had been Jake had made his heart pound. He hadn’t wanted it to be Jake. He hadn’t wanted it to be Jake. And it shouldn’t have been. Shouldn’t have been.

Quickly, Will shook his head. That was why he had punished him that night. And for his protection so he didn’t do it again. Of course, it had just been because he was scared for Will yet sometimes, that wasn’t enough. And for those reasons he had hurt him. And those. Reasons. Only.

But, after all that, it was true that Will hadn’t been able to find any good looking women in the bar, or at least none that he hadn’t already slept with. He had sat for a while on his own, sipping Ale, and unfortunately, that had given him time to think. Originally, although he hated to admit it, he was going to truly apologise to Jake yet halfway up the stairs, he had remembered what he had done and moreover, what he had read in Jake’s journal, and he hesitated about what he was going to do. It turned out that he did say sorry to Jake but he hadn’t fully meant it. He had thought that the words would have been enough though. Especially as he didn’t say them often. Well, he didn’t apologise often anyway. Saying ‘I love you’ was slightly different. He said that to a lot of girls he met – Jake had been right about that – but he had imagined that Jake would take it to heart like all of them and truly believe it.

Of course though, Jake thought way too much. He had come down that morning and heard Will talking to those women and had immediately discovered the truth about what his brother had said. It had been true that it had been either him or Cavaldi but...

Never mind.

After finding out about that, Jake had been the most argumentative and explosive Will had ever seen him. He had pushed him away and insulted him and then stormed out, slamming the door behind him in a rage. Will wasn’t used to that side of Jake but he hadn’t been able to do anything about it as he hadn’t gone after him and by that evening, he could have been anywhere. Will didn’t care though. If he was going to be stupid enough to run out on his own like that, he could get lost out there.

Yes, that was what he thought....It was, it was...

And like usual, that night, Will was back to sitting in the bar with a drink in his hand and pretty women perched around him. He didn’t get why Jake was so caught up in a fantasy world when he had this waiting for him in the real world. Sometimes he could be so naive. That was another annoying thing.

Will sat in that bar almost all night. The people there were oblivious to everything going on in his life and although he tried not to make a fuss of it or think about it too much, as he idly glanced out the window into the dark night outside, he couldn’t help one bitter thought creeping into his mind.

I shouldn’t have been so harsh on him.



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